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The Arch-Hive: Midwinter at the Gates of Dawn

Updated: Feb 8

Please join us Friday, December 3rd, at 5:00 pm for the opening of "Midwinter at the Gates of Dawn," an exhibition of new works presented by the ARCH-HIVE, a local art collective.

This show explores and celebrates the journey through dark night of the soul to the light of morning. Participating artists include:

​Tyler Alexander

Brinnley Ashton

Erik Bremer

Maddison Colvin

Caitlin Connolly

Christian Degn

Lisa DeLong

David Habben

Nate Hardyman

Rachel Henrikson

Kathryn Ivy Rees

Emily Larsen


Hayley Labrum Morrison

Janiece Murray

Ryan Perkins

James Rees

J Kirk Richards

Daenen Rolapp

Rusden Scott

Michael Sorensen

Camilla Stark

Julia Stark

Amber Lee Weiss

Malachi Wilson

Taelor Worthington

Taylor Wright

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