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Located at 250 W. Center St, in the historic district of Provo, The Compass is a space for art shows, conversations, book signings, poetry readings, interspiritual dialogue, music concerts, contemplation retreats, art workshops, and other community events.

Press Release 07/10/2024

Thank you all for your patience and continued support over the last month as my team and I have worked through much turmoil and change. I am very excited to announce the next steps for the gallery. 


The core assets and functions of Writ & Vision have been reincorporated into a new entity, The Compass Gallery and we will be relocating to a beautiful location a few doors east at 250 W Center St. Suite 101 on the ground floor of the historic Taylor Building. This move is made possible through partnership with the Faith Matters Foundation with whom we will be sharing the space. We look forward to working alongside them to build on our legacy of fostering an iconic space for the creative arts and expansive spirituality. 


Utah has more artists per capita than any other state, but fewer galleries and museums than any other state except West Virginia. Despite the fact that there is an unusually high concentration of nationally and internationally recognized artists in Utah County, there are only a small handful of galleries. We want the gallery to be a space that is as high caliber as the artists we have the privilege of working with. For that purpose, we are asking our community to pull together to help us build moveable walls and purchase the needed furnishings.


With your help we can take advantage of the unique opportunity before us to make this vision a reality now, rather than years down the road. Together we can lay the foundation for a space that will be a defining institution in our community for decades to come. 


To contribute to the fundraiser, go HERE


If you would like to contribute to this effort in kind, with things such as 

  • Original art to use as rewards for backers 

  • Furniture for the space 

  • Building supplies for the movable walls

  • Labor hours to help with renovations

  • Media production/coverage

  • Other contributions 

Please fill out THIS FORM.


Last but not least, mark your calendars for our grand opening on Friday Aug 16, 2024 from 4-9pm. This will also double as the opening for J. Kirk Richard’s annual exhibit with us, a continuation of the exhibition of Lisa De Long’s series “Horizon”, and a guest exhibition of select work by Young Sung Kim. 


Thank you for being part of our community! We look forward to many more years of providing you with beautiful, thought-provoking and top quality art, conversation, and writing. 




Esther H. Candari & The Compass Gallery Team

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